If Peter Pan were a girl he would be me.  I have successfully avoided marriage while traveling the country working radio, getting to know incredible bands and musicians, wrangling exotic animals and walking on 3,000 degree hot coals for an encore. 

I came to Southern Oregon in 2010 to work at KZZE and developed an immediate love for organic cooking, whitewater rafting, Britt Festival concerts and the incredible local musicians of the Rogue Valley. 

In my spare time I am entertaining friends, narrating audiobooks for Blackstone Audio, helping my buddy Robby DeCosta stay on his feet while performing at Alex's, enjoying an incredible meal prepared by chef Neil Clooney at Smithfields, chasing my dog down at the dog park and raising the coolest 8 year old you've ever met.

I have to admit I've got a soft spot for Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, Motley Crue, KISS (my first concert ever at age 3) but I also really enjoy the newer rock we play on KZZE like Redlight King, Shinedown, Seether and Pop Evil.  I have a secret soft spot for System of a Down and Rise Against right now as well.  I won't get started on what I like to cook to! 

Join me each weekday at noon for the NOONER WITH NIKI, I'm playing your requested classic metal and rock tracks from the 80's & 90's.  I'll also give you a chance to shove something you're gonna like in your mouth with the Happy Ending each day where I feature one request and give you something good for lunch.

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