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  • Flashback: Hear Reba's Poignant 'John' Address AIDS Crisis

    In 1988, the World Health Organization designated December 1st as first World AIDS Day. Just six years later in 1994, AIDS was the leading cause of death for all Americans aged 25 to 44. That same year viewers were tuning in — in record numbers — to watch MTV's The Real...

  • Chris Martin on Paris Attacks: 'I Don't Want to Give Up Hope'

    Coldplay singer Chris Martin said that when he learned of the terrorist attacks on Paris last month – shortly before taking the stage at his own band's concert in Los Angeles – he struggled with how to address it. "At first, we were just depressed, thinking, 'What's the point, what are...

  • John Legend Employs Actual Star Sounds for New Song

    John Legend has teamed up with the literal cosmos for a new holiday song, "Under the Stars," which features the unique sonic frequencies of four stars in the universe. The ethereal pulses, rings and beeps of these stars open the track and then seamlessly give way to Legend's own twinkling piano. "Under...

  • Watch Carrie Underwood's Enchanted 'Heartbeat' Video

    Opening with a bass-thumping beat that pulses as the camera moves through desolate woods at twilight, the new video for Carrie Underwood's second single "Heartbeat" lives up to its title. The tune details the pleasures of finding a dark, quiet place to get away from it all — with the accompanying...

  • Rare Freddie Mercury Vocals Anchor Hypnotizing New Charity Single

    Rare Freddie Mercury vocal tracks recorded during the late singer's original Barcelona sessions anchor a stirring new song, "Little Freddie Goes to School," produced by Irish composer Stuart Leathem. Leathem begins "Little Freddie" with a haunting sitar loop and distant drums that build but dissipate to welcome lead vocalist Esther Trousdale. The...

  • See the Trailer for the Hank Williams Biopic 'I Saw the Light'

    How can a British actor, best known for his role in The Avengers, be fit to play the legendary father of contemporary country music, Hank Williams? It's a question that's been tossed around since the biopic went into development in 2009 with London-born Tom Hiddleston as the lead, and will...